Philly FUNDamentals

We are The Fund for the School District of Philadelphia

What is Philly FUNDamentals?

When people talk of school equity, they’re often talking about fairness, including fairness around resources. Beyond public funds, schools can and do secure support from: partner corporations, foundations, and nonprofits; Friend, Parent, and Alumni Groups; and individual donors.

Yet despite the unprecedented availability of data from the District and elsewhere, it is difficult to know which schools receive which types of additional support and what schools need. Until now.

Philly FUNDamentals is a new site, developed by the Fund for the School District of Philadelphia, that allows any donor to find a school and give directly to that school’s needs identified by the principal.  The schools are plotted on a map and donors can search the site to find a profile of each school.  School profiles include a message from the principal, a description of the need, school performance and demographic information and a link to the school’s website.  After learning more about the school, donors give directly toward the cost of the project.

We at Cramp School thank you in advance for considering funding one or more of our most critical Partnerships. We invite you to come and visit our school so that you may see firsthand the positive impact your generosity will make.

If you would like more information , or to donate, please click here.

Thank you!